Infrastructure Cabling

Assisting with every facet of your voice and data infrastructure, TCT Technologies provides extended services to all your offices, desktops, and wireless access points. Dedicated to offering quality data, voice, and infrastructure, TCT can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of your cabled networks, including the following:

  • voice and data cabling (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a);
  • cable management;
  • installation and repair; ​ 
  • moves, adds, and changes;
  • low-voltage wiring; and
  • fiber installation

PBX Services Include:

  • System Installation 
  • MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes) Service Calls
  • Professional Services 
  • Programming Services 
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Cloud Technology

TCT Technologies is an industry forerunner who listens and implements personalized cloud technology for your specific business needs. Always ahead of the curve, we proudly offer internal resources plus niche market strategies for every professional vision.


Missed calls carry the potential for lost revenue. An optimal way to circumvent this likelihood is through the innovative technology of "Hosted Voice for Business." Hosted Voice is essentially a customized telephone system securely held within cloud technology. Complimenting business integrity and competency, this is an all-inclusive, managed monthly service that will save you a bundle by minimizing telephone bills. 

More affordable VoIP solutions removes long-term contracts, streamlines, expands business communication, and provides limitless disaster recovery. Installation becomes simplistic as our skilled technicians clearly resolve any challenge or concern.

Groups, firms, and locations are wired for convenience. You'll experience freedom as you receive calls along with crisp voicemail messages anywhere, anytime. Adding new phones becomes incrementally seamless with finely tuned sophistication and continuous access to complimentary upgrades.

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PBX Sales and Installation

TCT proudly offers the following:

  • Service installation or maintenance on your PBX phone system 
  • Evaluation of your current phone system, as well as designing a phone
  • A system that fits the needs of your business
  • Maintenance of a communications system for your company

PBX Sales Include:

  • IP Office Midsize Solutions
  • Avaya Aura Enterprise Solutions
  • Avaya Call Center Software