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TCT Technologies LLC

TCT Technologies provides service and maintenance of the hardware and software of your telephone system. We offer a cost-effective monthly/yearly maintenance contract on all new and existing Avaya telephone systems. This contract maintains and services your phone system to fully sustain its operational integrity. You'll remain confident knowing your investment is protected and free of any defects.

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Maintenance Contracts

​​​Carrier Services/Consultation

TCT Technologies can provide an evaluation of your current phone and data services to possibly find new or more appropriate uses of your incoming phone and data lines. Working strategically with a variety of providers, we will create a package specifically for your business needs. As a result, you'll enjoy reduced costs and efficient services.

  • Call Center: There are numerous benefits along with features to utilizing an IP Office or PBX system. Several of these benefits are included within the following:

      *Auto Attendant

      *Call Forward

      * Call Park

      * Call Pickup

      * Conference Call

      * Do Not Disturb (DND)

      * Night Service 

      * Voicemail

  • Voice and Data Network: TCT can provide assistance with planning, building, and implementing your voice and data infrastructure. Our expertise in voice and data technologies will help maximize return on investment (ROI). We will work together and gain specific knowledge regarding your infrastructure needs. This awareness is paramount as we progressively help companies navigate through our world's advancing technology. Our team will facilitate expense management, therefore, allowing your focus to remain on business at hand.